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Are you worried about leaving your family behind with debts and inadequate income? Life Insurance can provide financial security for your estate by paying for those debts and providing for your family, allowing them to maintain their way of life after you die.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is a plan of whole life insurance that combines life insurance and accumulated tax deferred funds in one program.  Clients can choose from a wide variety of investment options to accumulate savings on a tax deferred basis while maintaining coverage for the whole of life.  This plan offers the client the most flexibility and choice, and changes can be made to this plan at virtually any time.  Hence the name Universal Life - it can be changed as the clients needs change.

Permanent Coverage with a tax advantaged investment component. This is a more complex insurance solution providing valuable benefits:

  1. Grow tax-advantaged cash value within your policy to supplement retirement income.

  2. Flexible investment options can be customized to your investment objectives & budget. Choose from Guaranteed Interest Options and Equity Linked Investments.

  3. Flexible premiums – adjust the amount & frequency of payments to suit your current budget and investment needs.

  4. You have the option to use your cash value to offset premium costs.

  5. Rates are guaranteed for life: rate options include annual increasing premiums as well as the opportunity to lock in guaranteed level premiums.

  6. Withdraw cash or borrow against your policy - withdrawals may be subject to tax under certain conditions.

Milestone Insurance can help you decide which life insurance policy best suits your needs. For a no obligation quote, click the "Get a Quote" button on the right, and one of our certified financial planners will contact you directly.


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