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Are you worried about leaving your family behind with debts and inadequate income? Life Insurance can provide financial security for your estate by paying for those debts and providing for your family, allowing them to maintain their way of life after you die.

Special Risk Life Insurance

Special Risk Insurance was designed specifically for clients that have been unable to obtain life insurance elsewhere due to their medical or lifestyle history.

Through an innovative underwriting process we call “clinical underwriting”, and a creative plan design, Milestone Insurance is able to offer insurance to many individuals that have been declined by other insurers.

There are several key factors that form the basis of clinical underwriting:

  • Control – Is the medical condition stable and under reasonable control?
  • Compliance – Is the applicant following doctor’s orders and making appropriate lifestyle adjustments?
  • Family history – What is the applicant’s family health history?
  • Complete medical information – full medical records are obtained on every applicant, to ensure the underwriter has an accurate and complete picture of the applicant’s medical history
  • Current medical research – Medical breakthroughs occur daily, yet current life insurance practices employed by many insurance companies ignore these advances, and may deny applicants coverage based on an outdated underwriting manual.
  • Milestone Insurance can help you decide which life insurance policy best suits your needs. For a no obligation quote, click the "Get a Quote" button on the right, and one of our certified financial planners will contact you directly.


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